Salt vinyl


2022 Remaster + Vinyl Reissue

The 2002 debut Forget Cassettes record, Instruments of Action, blended punk, riot grrl, post-rock and channeled them into a visceral and raw explosion. The 2006 follow-up, Salt, evolved that sound into a highly produced - but no less visceral - version. Salt was never pressed to vinyl but with this special 16-year birthday reissue, fans can finally enjoy the entire album and it's b-sides as one cohesive package.

  • A. Venison 6:39
  • A. Quiero, Quieres 3:08
  • A. The Catch 4:51
  • B. Nicholas 5:47
  • B. My Maraschino 6:54
  • B. Lonely Does It 6:18
  • C. Patience, Beth (Reprise) 4:49
  • C. Salt and Syncope 5:38
  • C. Tabula Rasa 4:06
  • D. Sleeper [Bonus] 4:14
  • D. Patience, Beth (Fast) [Bonus] 5:07

Listen to the Track by Track discussion of the making of Salt with Beth Cameron, Jay Leo Phillips and Aaron Ford.

forget cassettes version II
beth cameron: guitar/vox
jay leo phillips: bass/rhodes/b. vox
aaron ford: drums/b. vox

Recorded and Mixed by:
Jeremy Ferguson at Alex the Great Studios
and Battle Tapes January & February 2006

Mastered by:
John Golden at Golden Mastering Ventura, CA 2006
John Baldwin at John Baldwin Mastering Nashville, TN 2021

All songs birthed by Beth Cameron

Made whole by Doni Schroader, Aaron Ford, Jay Leo Phillips

Photos: Rebecca Gillespie
Album Artwork: Nick Butcher •
Album Layout: Michael Eades

YK-099 •

Salt Press

  • ...channels the sort of whisper-to-shriek Polly Harvey vocal histrionics and napalm-spraying guitar to make a thousand indie boys tremble with a strange mix of adolescent lust and abject terror.

    — NME

    2007 Review

  • Noisily melodic garage-punk trio fronted by tiny singer / guitarist Beth Cameron, whose purring wails falls somewhere between PJ Harvey and Karen O.

    — Spin

    72 Hours in Nashville

  • It’s pop melodies built on top of a brutal foundation of cadaverous bass lines, dripping snatching, guitar lines and waterfalls of cymbals. It’s rock music is what it is.

    — Drowned in Sound

    2007 Review

  • Salt is more dynamic, more energetic, more raw than its predecessor...

    — VisualMusic

    2006 Review

  • Singer Beth has that certain charisma that makes you sit up and take notice - similar to Chan Marshall's early elaborate works.

    — GuestList

    2006 Review

  • Flawless pop is paired here, PJ Harvey not entirely unrelated, with brilliant rock instrumentation and forces the listener, just like Cameron herself, to the ground.

    — Plate Tests

    2007 Review

  • When Salt’s jagged, addictively hooky triumvirate of 'Quiero Quieres', 'Salt And Syncope', and 'Tabula Rasa' become the mega-hits they deserve to be, we doubt you’ll be interested in anyone’s advice.

    — Penny Black Music

    2007 Review

  • ear toward emotional intensity through a balance of shredding volume and pastoral quietude.

    — Cincinatti City Beat

    Music: The Nashville Network

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